Jean Trends 2014

Jeans are the staple of everyone’s wardrobe. Whether pair with heels or flats, a blazer or a sweater, a t-shirt or a vest, they go with everything and go everywhere. But if you are looking to add to your skinny jean/straight leg jean collection, here are some new jean trends in 2014 to consider and adding to your denim stash.

jean trends 2014

Wide Leg
These are perfect with a t-shirt or blouse tucked in and chunky pair of heels. Or be even trendier with a cute crop top. Stay away from loose tops as that will make you look bulky. Make sure the shoe you choose is proportionate to the width of the leg.


Look for jeans with frayed hem lines, like this pair from rag&bone. Or DIY it with a pair of scissors and an old pair of jeans. I think it is a look that is great with ballet shoes to show off the frayed edges. These jeans will go with everything but will give a little more of a fun edge to your jean staple.


Somewhat of a relief from skinny jeans! Look for pairs that are also distressed, and roll up the hems and rock it with some heels and a blazer, or cute sneakers and a t-shirt.


There are a lot of versions out there, so you could be more subtle or go all out. Or you can DIY it too. The key is to keep the other parts of your outfit simple. You need to let these jeans shine. I think they would look great with a simple tee shirt and a cute pair of ballet flats or Superga sneakers. This pair from Nordstrom blends the distressed with the patchwork. Or you can go with more patchwork, like this pair from

Don’t worry, the options are a far cry from the Salt-n-Peppa days. But keep it modern with a bold shirt and throw on an awesome blazer and a pair of heels. I think heels are the better choice. Otherwise, sneakers will be more of a plumber look (no offense to the plumbers out there.)

Which one will be your go-to pair for the season?

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