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I wanted to write a post about the new iPhone 5 iPhone 4Gs. Not about the specs or the flops, but why I thought Apple was even more clever than before. It had to do with cell phone contracts.

Apparently, I am not the only one who thinks along these lines because the infamous Mashable beat me to the punch and wrote a post that is better than I could ever write. But the gist is that the iPhone 4Gs is out now because iPhone 3Gs people, who passed on the iPhone 4, due to locked-in-pay-through-the-nose-to-upgrade-mid-contract-cellular-contracts, are about to have those contracts end.

For me, I have a iPhone 3Gs (though I do covet the Windows 7 phone). My iPhone 3Gs has been thrown on the floor so many times and has been covered in so much gook from my toddler that it barely functions. Yet, the thought of having to pay a high dollar amount and mess with a possible extension of a cell phone contract makes me endure the missing iPhone parts and spotty volume control.

If I was a loyal Apple user, I would now be wondering if I should get the iPhone 4Gs or tape the phone and hope it works until 2012. Which is exactly what they want me to think. Damn them. (Again, see the Mashable article.)

All in all, whether it is the iPhone, Windows Phone, HTC phone, or Fisher Price phone, many of us cannot keep up with cellular technology because of antiquated cell contracts. So I wish big companies would stop having press conferences about their new phones and either give me a new phone so I can talk to people on this planet or work with cell carriers on behalf of consumers. I would be willing to buy the new iPhone 4Gs if I wasn’t stuck with it for another 2 years to get the affordable price for it. (Bet you E.T. didn’t have to deal with this nonsense, even if he did have to build a phone from scratch.)

Now I am off to buy some tape…


My thoughts and prayers go out to Steve Job’s family and friends on the news of his passing. May he rest in peace. 

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