We recently got into the cold brew craze, and started cold brewing at home. However, with a lot of coffee grounds left over, I wondered how to reuse coffee grounds. I came up with five beneficial ways on how to use used coffee grounds.

uses for used coffee grounds

Cold Brew Maker

Our family are not hot coffee drinkers, but we love cold brew coffee. Yet, it was starting to get really expensive! Let alone always having to drive somewhere to get a cold brew coffee. One day, I picked up a home cold-brew system recommended and highly rated by America’s Test Kitchen. (My second fave to HGTV). For around $30 on (affiliate) Amazon, some water and coarse coffee grinds, we could start cold brewing at home. No electricity required.

After the cold brew is made, we have a lot of used coffee grounds. I didn’t want to throw them away, but we haven’t gotten into composting. What to do with used coffee grounds then?

How to Use Used Coffee Grounds

I also wanted to be realistic. It had to be an easy way to reuse them. Yes, I could make coffee candles, but let’s face it, that was not going to happen. So here are five easy, realistic (and beneficial) ways to reuse coffee grinds.

Used Coffee Grounds for Home

1. Keep Bugs Away

Used coffee grinds can be a pest deterrent. Sprinkle outside near doorways or windows to keep spiders and ants away. We noticed a big reduction of ants this year and, while not scientific, I believe it really works! Instead of dumping the grinds in the trash, dump it outside and see benefits.

ways to use coffee grounds

2. Use as a Deodorizer

Put used coffee grinds in a container and place in the back of the fridge, under a cabinet, etc. Similar to baking soda, it can absorb/remove orders. Easy to scoop into containers and place where you need to neutralize odors. Whenever you have another batch of cold brew, replace/refresh your previously used coffee ground deodorizers with your new batch.

3. Help Clean Your House

The used coffee grounds can be used to sprinkle on the ashes in a fireplace so the ashes don’t spread into the air when you clean out the fireplace. Can also be used in other dust/dirt piles you create when cleaning around the house. Sprinkle used grounds on top so it minimizes the dust and dirt from becoming airborne when vacuuming or scooping up the pile.

Used Coffee Grinds for Body

coffee grounds body scrub

4. Use as a body scrub

Most cold brew systems encourage coarsely ground coffee beans. As a result, you have coarse used coffee grounds that are the same ‘consistency’ as many body scrubs. Take a shower and mix the used grounds with water or body oil for a refreshing scrub.

5. Use to eliminate residue in your hair

A little more outside the box, but the acid and the coarseness makes it worth trying in your hair to break down product residue. After all the styling products, you may need something stronger than a shampoo every once in a while. Take a handful of used grounds and scrub in your hair to perk up your locks.

Have you used used coffee grounds before at home, for health or other benefits? Share some of your ideas in the comments below for other readers!

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