February is Heart Awareness Month and it is also a month of Valentines! Everywhere you go, you’ll see red: red pants, red sweaters, and red jackets to name a few. But how do you wear red pants, or what outfits with red pants can you throw together? What about outfits ideas for a red jacket? Or a red top?


While black is a great staple with red, consider breaking up the black. In other words, think black stripes or black polka dots. Consider pairing red with beige or silver/gray for a lighter look. In my opinion, you do want to be careful with blue as you don’t want to feel like you are going to Fourth of July barbecue, but it can work.

Here are five outfits, with red sweaters, red pants, and red jackets, and paired with various accessories and colors to give you some fashion inspiration the next time you head out to lunch with friends, school dropoff, Saturday errands or a day at home. Mom-suitable! Just click the arrow to the right to see the entire slideshow.

And if you want to pair your red pants with a bold, red lips, here is a post on how to wear red lipstick!


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