How to Wear Red Lipstick

How_to_wear_red_lipstickHow to wear red lipstick is a question everyone asks. Red lipstick is perfect for Heart Awareness Month and for Valentines Day. But it is also a classic. Anyone can wear it – so long as you follow these 5 tips. !

  • Go light on the eyes and the blush. Keep to light and pale shades. Otherwise you’ll risk looking garish. Skip eyeliner and go only for mascara. Dust face with powder and voila, you’re ready to go.
  • Red lipstick tends to bleed, so fill in lips with lip liner first. Then apply the lipstick. Don’t just outline your lips, as then you will look like a horrible rendition of a 1980s soap opera star.
  • Picking the right shade of red is key. If your complexion is pink, you’ll look better in plum shades. If you have a yellow skin tone, you’ll look better in warmer reds that have a brown base. A gorgeous color on most everyone is MAC’s “Blaze”.
  • Unless you want to look like a femme fatale, skip the red polish when wearing red lipstick. A clear polish or light color is perfect and a dark polish will work too.
  • Don’t panic if you’ve bought a red lipstick shade that’s too bright, dark or whatever. Instead, experiment with other lipstick shades you have on hand to create the perfect red shade.

Now you can go out knowing how to wear red lipstick to perfection!


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  1. Very helpful–thanks! I’ve often been unlucky with red, but Mary Kay just sent me a purplish lipstick to review and it is PERFECT for me!

  2. Valerie B. says

    I LOVE red lipstick and I didn’t think I could wear it until recently. If you haven’t heard of Red Apple Lipstick, you should check them out. They have beautiful shades of lipstick that are gluten free. I personally love the color Ruby Slippers. No 1980s soap star for me!

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