Hot_ PinkThree outfit ideas to help you look pretty in pink.

I love pink, especially for the spring. Yet, the right pink is key in transitioning from the winter doldrums to fresh spring breezes. Sometimes in the Northeast, swinging to pastel pinks seem too summery when there is snow melting on the ground.

A great compromise is to pick a stronger pink. Think hot pink or bright pink compared to its sticky sweet pastel sister.

The key is to focus on one hot pink item and make that item pop with neutral items and accessories. So determine if you want a bright hot pink top, bag or pants, and tone it down on the other wardrobe pieces.

To scared to make the bold statement in your wardrobe. At your next mani/pedi, paint your toes a bright hot pink. Or consider going bold on your fingernails. Even a cute ring in a bright shade of pink can pizazz a black outfit if you aren’t ready to commit your black in the back of the closet.

Here are three hot pink ideas to help you make it work! Happy Spring!



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