Despite the title, I cannot figure out how to tell a Hermes Birkin bag fake from a real one. However, what I can tell you are what pictures are essential to have before making a Hermes Birkin purchase. These photos are key for online authenticators. The right photos help determine the bags that are authentic or counterfeit.

Is my Hermes Birkin Bag Fake?

With counterfeiters getting better and better, the brands constantly change key elements of bags to make it harder to counterfeit. Also, many authenticators will not share exactly what they are looking for. Why? Because it would tip off the counterfeiters!

If you are interested in a Birkin bag, and the online retailer has only a few photos….ask for more photos! If they refuse, then walk (no, run) away. In fairness, some online websites have a limited amount of space to upload photos.  So you many never see enough on the listing to make a decision. Thus, just email and ask for a few more.

Here is a list of picture must haves:

  1. Full front of bag
  2. Full back of bag
  3. Side of bag
  4. Base of bag showing all corners
  5. Front flap (top and underneath flap)
  6. Metal Plate and stamp
  7. Handles
  8. Handle base
  9. Closure plate
  10. Zipper and Zipper pull
  11. Back of strap showing stamps
  12. Inside of bag
  13. Strap attachment (front and back of bag, inside bag)
  14. Lock (front and bottom)

The best way to avoid is to buy directly from the brand. Yet, if you want to shop online, these are the pictures that you should at least start with. Then check out one of the online authenticators in this post to help you make a determination to buy or bolt!

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