School uniforms leave little to the fashion inspiration. It is the point of school uniforms, of course. However, if you have a little fashionista, as I do, you do have to find some ways to add style pizazz to the standard attire. It is not always easy, but there are brands that have products to add posh.

accessorize school uniform

Bixbee Sparkalicious Butterfly Backpack:

If you can beat ’em, join ’em. So if your school’s uniform rules limit ensemble inspiration, then think outside the box and go for the backpack. The Bixbee Sparkalicious Butterfly Backpack is adorable with the soft butterfly wings and the flake resistant glitter. Don’t worry though. This is a working backpack that will fit your kids folders, hat and gloves, and is washable. Butterflies not your things? Then consider the fairy version instead. (MSRP: $29.99-$39.99,

How to Accessorize a School Uniform


This brand is one of the ways to put your best fashion ‘foot’ forward. This brand is so popular that there is even a store in Disney Springs at Walt Disney World. The reason it’s popular is because you get three socks that are all mis-matched. Then you can mix and match your own unique sock creations – to update any outfit (and sport the most stylish of feet!) (MSRP: $6.99+,


Popular with Moms with babies, the line expanded to include Juniorbeads – jewelry that your girls (and boys) can wear and Moms can feel safe about them wearing. The products contain no lead, BPA, phthalates, cadmium, or other metals, so you can let your budding stylist fiddle to her heart’s content. Breakaway clasps enhance the overall safety so there is no worry on the playground. Lastly, the jewelry can safely be washed in the dishwasher because even the littlest fashionista may get dirty. (MSRP: $9.99+,


Who else better understand the school uniform fashion dilemma than Joules, a British Brand with a USA website. All public school children in the UK have to wear uniforms so this brand was created, in part, to offer stylish options to work around a standard (and cookie cutter) uniform. With beautiful boots, stylish stockings, perfect parkas, pretty polos, and happenin’ hats, this brand’s products work with, and around, a school uniform. Plus, there are stylish wardrobe offerings for Moms too, because, who says our kids get the cool stuff? (MSRP: Varies,

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