For the six months, we have been diligent about making sure our 3.5 year old toddler brushes his teeth every night before bed. However, on a recent trip to the dentist for his first dental cleaning, we learned that we should be also floss his teeth every night too.

Now, if I had thought about it, that would make sense, but since my own flossing is sporadic, it is not something I really did think about teaching my son.

I don’t floss often because I hate how the floss gets stuck in my teeth and then I have this string of floss that I try to shake off to throw away, and it keeps getting stuck on my hand as I try to do that. Making it a big pain in the butt. I mean, as a busy Mom, brushing my teeth is a feat enough before I pass out flat on my face at night. I should get a pass, right?


Okay, better set an example for the kiddos.

Tips on Getting a Toddler to Floss


Toddler floss teeth

So I signed up for a blogger sponsored campaign where I would try the Oral-B® Glide Glide Floss. I’ve heard it is good in that is “glides” through your teeth making it easy to floss – about 50% easier. (Number one concern of mine addressed.) So I figured I’d give it a go and then also teach my son how to floss too, since we all know it helps fight cavities, plaque, gingivitis and other mouth monsters (that is what we call them). Plus, if we (and you) upload a picture of us each flossing on the Oral-B Facebook App, we can be entered to win cool prizes. Sweet!

Now I keep it in my purse for those steak-stuck-in-your-teeth-dinners-out and next to my toothbrush at home, and it is a nightly routine (okay, more-often-than-not nightly routine) for all of us.

Next up? My ten month old.

Well, when she finally gets her teeth….

But here are some ideas on how to floss your teeth with the kids:

1. Set an example. Let your kids see you brushing and flossing your teeth.
2. Start early. The earlier you start the habit and they get the sensation of flossing, the easier it will be to do with the kids.
3. Take it slow. Teach them to hold each end of the floss and to put it in between their teeth. Once they get that, then teach them to glide it back and forth.
4. Consider alternatives. If they can’t handle floss, then get the floss picks for easier handling.

You may have to do it early on for them, but over time, they should the hang of it. Just know that you might need to stock up on the dental floss, as my 10 month old shows in this video, (they make take more than they need.)

Happy Flossing!


Image Credit: My own. All Rights Reserved with the exception of the Oral-B® logo.
Disclosure: I received a small stipend and product for this post. All content, however, is my own. 


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