how to clean old louis vuitton

I recently purchased a Vintage Louis Vuitton Handbag called the Danube. It is a great crossbody bag to carry the essentials like keys, phone and a small wallet. Sometimes you just need a little bag on the weekends at the kids’ soccer practice or running to the grocery store. Yet, the price tag for a crossbody can be big for existing, new Louis Vuitton bags. So try to source an older one in very good condition that just needs a little love. Just follow this how to clean Vintage Louis Vuitton instructions!

louis vuitton vintage

How to Clean Vintage Louis Vuitton Bag in Monogram Canvas

Good Condition

The price was good for a designer bag, but it has seen better days. Luckily it was in good condition in that the stitching was intact and no cracking of the leather. It just needed a refresh and a good cleaning. So I got to work sprucing it up.

how to clean vintage louis vuitton bag

What you need

1. A Vintage Louis Vuitton Bag.Paper towels

2. Baby Wipes (Non Alcohol, Fragrance Free)

3. Two clean, soft, WHITE cloths

4. Lots of Q-tips

5. BlueMagic metal polish cream

6. Cadillac boot & shoe care leather conditioner

Note: Proceed with caution and at own risk. I am not liable for any cleaning and restoring gone wrong!

Step One

Wipe down the bag with baby wipes. Including any rust on metal fittings.

Then place a small amount of the Blue Magic metal polish cream onto a Q-tip, and rub onto the metal fittings. (Be careful not to get on the leather/canvas!) Wait 30 seconds and then wipe off with a paper towel or clean Q-tip. You may need to use a lot of Q-tips until no dirt comes off. But I like the Q-tips because you have more control to make sure it does not get on the leather or canvas.

Once done, it will go from this to this:

how to clean vintage louis vuitton

Use on zipper pulls, the grommets, lock, etc.

Next, put a small amount of Cadillac leather conditioner onto a soft clean cloth and condition the entire bag. Wait a minute and then wipe down the monogram canvas with a another clean cloth to remove the excess.

With a little elbow grease you can get your dream Louis Vuitton Bag for a great deal! Enjoy your new-to-you bag!

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