Want to know what is it like to go through the house building process? To build a house from scratch? Interested in learning how to work with architects, builders, and designers? I’ve got some stories to share as I count down the day until we move {finally] into our new family home.

House Building Process

The Backstory

It has been almost 4 years since we bought our property. I never thought it would take as long as it has. I also never knew how heart wrenching and stressful the house building process would be either. We bought a mistreated home that had been neglected and abused for a number of years – in one of the most desirable neighborhoods – in one of the most desirable towns. As my parents always said, “Buy the worst house on the best street.”

The House Building Plans

It took awhile to get all the ‘ducks-in-a-row’ as the saying goes. Between getting the checklist completed to demolish the home, to creating architectural plans, and lining up the arborists, surveyors, builders, architects and more, it took a long time to be ready. We spent the longest time on figuring out the style of the house and the floor plans. Once we had a working agenda, we then needed to figure out what we could afford. That led to bidding out the project to local builders and giving them a time to respond. Then going through lots of responses, contracts and more. Lots of waiting, reading, and revisions in the early days!

The House Building Preparation

Then we had to go about tearing down the home and getting the land ready for the new home. First, we used a firm to repurpose and reuse the old house’s materials. This way we didn’t clog up landfills and could recycle windows, door knobs, wood and appliances to name a few. Then our attention turned to the outside. Turns out the area is known for ledge so we had two months of hammering rock (and rock, and more rock) – and trucks taking out truckloads of said rock for repurposing into cement.

The House Building Process

Then it is a slow house building process – with lots of variables and unknowns thrown in. Add some not-so-friendly-neighbors into the mix and you have a strong desire to have a glass of wine at the end of everyday where you never even drank wine before the project started. Fights between professionals, trades not following plans, fights over who pays for what, and utility strikes has made our house building process not so fun. It honestly got to the point that I did not want to be excited about any part of the process because when I did, something negative would occur. So I just could (and can) not get attached to the home. Then, of course, we haven’t got into the hours spent picking tile, faucets, closets, wall paper, paint colors, countertops, tubs, sinks, floors, windows, cabinet knobs, door knobs, doorbells, gutters, plants, shrubs, electrical outlets, lighting, and so much more.

The House Building Prospective

We are getting into the 12-week mark to moving in. This is when push comes to shove. When everything in the house building process starts to come together. I am going to start sharing so you can see what the experience is like in the final months. So start following along (sign up to get updates) and see what it is like leading up to move-in day!

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