Hot Toy Trend: Soft n’ Slo Squishies Peel 2 Reveal & Surprise!

Soft’n Slo Squishies Peel 2 Reveal™ from ORB Toys is full of surprises that you reveal one layer at a time.


Peel to Reveal

First, open the packaging. Then peel off the top. Discover decorative stickers, directions and a playset. Next, flip the box to discover your surprise figures and theme. Peel open each circle to discover the gel squishies inside! Then put your playset template on the base, add the stickers and play!

It is like squishies meet mini-figures meets blind bags. It is 2018 and this toy category is stepping up its game.

There is a Birthday Party and Tea Party (Blue Boxes); Party Time and Movie Time (Purple Box); Camp Time and Beach Time (Pink Box)! You get three squishies per set – one character and two accessories based on the theme. Kids can collect and then play. The square container playsets can be pushed together for ultimate play potential too.

I love the multi-layer process of peel, reveal, decorate and play. This is not a toy you rip open. Rather it is an experience in getting the squishies and then a play experience thereafter. Here is a parenting tip though – keep the packaging cover. It acts as a top for the playset once opened so you can keep the pieces inside and can then stack for easier storage!

Best for ages 8 and up, they are fantastic for birthday party presents and for upcoming Easter basket fillers! The MSRP is $8.99 and you can find them as most major retailers!


Need something smaller? Kids can further the fun with Soft’n Slo Squishies Surprise. Kids can pull the tab on the box and watch as their new squishy slowly rises up to say hello. With 12 Animals to collect, with adorable faces to boot, squishy lovers can build their collection and keep the squish fun going. The MSRP is $3.99 I believe. Check them out at


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