When I last wrote, I was looking for some appetizer recipes to serve at my daughter’s 2nd birthday party for family and friends. Then something easy to serve the following weekend for a 4th of July BBQ.

I worked with Hood to serve some complimentary appetizers to my family, friends and guests during my two jubilations!

I mentioned I was going to serve the new Savory Hood Cucumber and Dill Cottage Cheese with some chips for a fun themed snack during the Disney Frozen themed birthday party. Check it out:

Cute, right? It was scooped up by everyone. Including me. (Thanks to my Mom who decided to take a picture of my post-pool face munching self. Ugh!) But it was good, and I had to sit down and enjoy it!

Such a healthier option than chips and dip. Less fat and calories, plus more protein! There is over 14g of protein in one serving. So I don’t feel the guilt regarding my kids (or my thighs).

I wanted to make another recipe for the 4th of July BBQ, but an unexpected guest arrived. You might remember him. His name was Arthur. Hurricane Arthur. So all the party plans went poof. So I couldn’t test out my appetizer, but I personally had fun dipping celery sticks for my lunch one day later that week. Another day I scooped out a tomato, and used the tomato like a bowl. Then I put some cottage cheese in it, sprinkled some pepper on top for a healthy and fast dinner one night.

I’m hoping to have an indoor party with some friends in August, and I think I’m going to serve some of Hood’s new Savory Cottage Cheese in a martini glass, and then put a cracker on the side, and serve with a basket of additional crackers for dipping nearby. A fun way to present an appetizer. It’s so simple you could use plastic martini glasses for a fun hors d’oeuvres for a large party. Easy to make and serve!

Savory hood cottage cheese

Yet, I’m not sure which one of the savory Hood Cottage Cheese flavors to pick. My options are Chive, Chive with Toasted Onion, Cucumber and Dill, and Garden Vegetables. Which one would you go with?

This is a sponsored post. However, all thoughts, words and opinions are my own and my real take on the product.

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