Homeschool Calendars – Printable Schedules

Whether you homeschool, find yourself suddenly homeschooling due to the Coronavirus, or want a structured staycation with educational components, you want schedules! You will especially want homeschool calendars that you can use.

Homeschool Calendars

You may want to ensure to teach various subjects. Perhaps you want a schedule for the day that combines playtime with learning time. These printable calendars will help.

You can print and use the homeschool calendars right away. One is for weekly subjects and one is a daily schedule. I have also included blank calendars that allow you to customize to your family.

I’ve also included a fun theme week. It is great for younger kids, or if you want more open-ended learning. It is also great for summer staycations too!

Either way, I hope they work for you! Check out my other printables and let’s chronicles our Coronavirus – life together!

Weekly Theme Fun

Weekly Learning Homeschooling Checklist


Blank Weekly Learning Homeschooling Checklist

Daily Homeschooling Schedule

Blank Daily Homeschooling Schedule

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