New Year’s Goals

Happy New Year 2012!

(Not Resolutions)

To be honest, I kinda loathe the whole ‘New Year’s Resolution’ thing. Maybe because the term is overused. Or maybe because many resolutions are way to lofty (and doomed for failure.) I also hate all of the weight loss pressures too. I’ve noticed the recent influx of weight loss commercials, theĀ Living Social deal on lipo, and the huge sales on exercise equipment. (Really, people?)

So I wanted to chat about setting goals, not resolutions, and setting goals that have nothing to do with weight loss. So here are my top six 2012 goals to consider incorporating in your new year. Each goal mirrors the six categories I have in this blog: style, health, home, travel, technology, parenting. So here they are:

1. [Home] Start saving for college: Open a college specific banking account and put money in it every month that is only for education. $5, $50, $500, whatever. Anything adds up (unless it’s zero!) To make your cash go further, consider signing up for a program like UPromise. Whenever you do online shopping through UPromise, or eat out at a participating restaurant, you get a certain percentage back that goes into your college savings account. You can even earn money for grocery shopping or buying stuff like diapers or clothes. Seriously easy (and easy money as they say).

2. [Health] Go to a chiropractor or get a massage: I could link the heck out of all the articles that show the health benefits of chiropractic care and massage work, even for pregnant women. It’s real and proven, so add it to your healthy living goal for 2012. Just do your research and find a reputable chiropractor and massage therapist. Call your state board of registration to make sure they are registered, and there are no complaints against them. Ask friends and family for references and even look to see who local sports teams use. Then call your health insurance company to see if some of the care is covered or ask for a gift certificate for a birthday present.

3. [Travel] Have lunch with a friend you haven’t seen in a long time: Get in the car and go. Pick up the phone and call. Get a babysitter, tell your partner to watch the kids, or tell your regular friends you are busy, and go see someone you have wanted to see in person. It doesn’t matter if you chat with them on Facebook daily, go see them face to face. Even if it has been 15 years and if you weigh 15 pounds more; they will be so happy to see you.

4. [Style] Stop wearing sweatpants or workout clothes everywhere: Yes, I am guilty of this, but whether it is to the end of the driveway at the bus stop or the quick trips to the grocery store, try to make a conscious decision at least one day a week to not wear workout gear in public. While this is a more ‘stay-at-home’ parenting goal, the same challenge can be applied to working moms and dads who often wear sweats from 5pm Friday-7am Monday morning. By no means do I mean put on the stilettos or wear office attire, but wear a dark wash jean and a cute pair of flats, at least. (Ahem, note to self.)

5. [Parenting] Do something as a family once a month: Life can get seriously busy. Weekends can be filled with games and practices, homework and errands. But once a month, do something as an entire family. It can be just making pizza and playing a board game, or taking a trip to a museum. It doesn’t have to be costly as there are many free family-friendly events (that I even post on my local site) of which to take advantage every month.

6. [Technology] Change at least one password on an online account: We have all heard about hacking and online security breaches. One way to avoid that is to change your passwords frequently and to have different passwords for different accounts. Easier said then done. So at a minimum, pick one account to change and make the password difficult for someone to guess. And check out this article on some tools to keep track of all those passwords.

All in all, enjoy each day. Remember to pause as your tuck your kids in at night, make sure to hug someone you love everyday, and remember that no matter how many people try to knock you down, you have the strength, and the friends to help, get back up. So go and rock the heck out of 2012, my friends.


Image Credit: Creativity103 via Flickr Creative Commons

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