Mermaid Party Ideas (And Waves to Save)

We decided to have a pool party for my daughter’s birthday. Since it is the summer, it is a great option and perfect for the extended family of mixed gender and ages! After I decided where to have it, I needed to decide on a theme. (I love party themes.) So I decided that a Mermaid themed party might be a fun option at the pool!

Mermaid Themed Decor

I did some searching to get some fishy ideas and found that candy was a great option to use as the basis for decor and favors. I searched for bulk candy to see what I could find that wouldn’t break the bank. (Or in this case, find some pirate treasure!)

I decided to check and see if Amazon had bulk candy. (Of course, they did.) Then I checked to see if the prices were on par with bulk candy focused websites. Finally, I went to see if there was a coupon via Groupon Coupon.

amazon coupon grouponYes, Groupon now has deals and coupons to tons of popular websites. I’m surprised not many people know about it. Especially since they have coupons for popular places like Target, Macy’s, Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond, Walgreens, and Aeropostale. No matter what your shopping need may be, Groupon probably has a deal AND a coupon for you! So, I wanted to share this sponsored post on what I bought!

For me, Groupon Coupon had 25% off candy on Amazon. With the low Amazon prices, plus the coupon, it was like I had found some pirate booty! (And I already started on back-to-school shopping with other coupons I found too! Heave-ho!)

mermaid birthday party favors

Mermaid Themed Favors

For the party, I picked up dark blue and light blue jelly beans, Swedish Fish and shimmery white gumballs. I’m going to mix the jelly beans together (so it looks like ocean water) and place in a mason jar. Then I’ll strategically place the fish throughout, so it looks like they are swimming in the ocean.

It will look like this (only, not with blue jello).

I also got some mini-mermaid toys (also via Amazon, and with a Groupon Coupon) that I am going to put on the top of the jelly beans. Thus, it will look like the mermaid is rising from the ocean!

Then, I got some mini-paper treasure chests that I am going to glue some gems onto. Then I am going to fill up the chest with the white gumballs so they look like pearls! (What a treasure to find!) It is inspired by this idea.

The pearl filled treasure chests will be {usable} decor on the tables, and the jelly bean jars will be the party favors to take home! I am going to round out the table with some fish netting and starfish too.

Now, I’m on to figuring out what kind of Mermaid cake? I have created some ideas on my Mermaid Party Pinterest Board if you want to check it out! And make sure to come back in a couple of weeks to see my finished projects! Ahoy!

Thanks for staying and reading my blog post!

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