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smart_phone_iconLet’s face it. We do laundry all the time. But despite our laundry laurels, there are time when we get stumped. Whether it is an ink stain or an oil stain, or whether to use fabric softener or not, I want a go-to resource. Not just “Google General”. So if you have a smart phone, it may be worth downloading some laundry apps to help. Though I still covet this GE Washer and Dryer that has built-in technology to handle any laundry challenge – like my husband who insists on wearing cotton clothing when he works out. (Ewww.)

One to consider is an app (iPhone and Blackberry) from Purex. It has a Stain Guide with best ways to remove tough laundry stains by fabric type. It has Fabric Care with instructions on how to wash and dry specific fabric types. It also includes a Clothing Label Decoder to decipher all the laundry care symbols on your clothes, and even has a Timer – two countdown timers are available to remind you about what is in the wash or dryer.

Tide has an app called Tide Stain Brain (Android, iPhone) with more than 85 different stains with on-the-go tips and easy, step-by-step washing instructions. If you just want a laundry reminder, these for the Android and iPhone have decent review. Clorox has a laundry advisor app for the iPhone and Android phones too.

I hope some of these apps make laundry duties more manageable and helpful. But remember not to wash your phone.


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