7 Other Things to Do with Plastic Easter Eggs

With their low price tag and high availability, those little plastic easter eggs are everywhere this time of year. While most of us use them for Easter egg hunts, there are 7 other things you can do with them! Whether is it plastic easter egg crafts or just chocolate inside, they are worth stocking up on!

alternative uses for plastic easter eggs craft ideas

Alternative Uses for Plastic Easter Eggs

1. String them together. Most already have holes in the top and bottom, but if not, just drill or tap a hole in the top and bottom. Then string a pretty ribbon through the holes and you have an Easter egg garland!

2. Make animals. Get stickers, permanent markers, sticks, glue and fabric pom poms and have a blast turning the plastic eggs into bunnies or chickens! (Or anything your kids can imagine!)

3. Make wreaths. Grab wreath base and glue a whole bunch of plastic easter eggs onto it for a custom wreath for your door!

4. Use for Year round decor. With a little paint and embellishments, you can turn the eggs into luxe decor accessories to use all year. Glue gems all over them, or paint in silver or gold paint and dust with glitter, then place into glass jars for pretty decor on a table or shelf. You can also glue twine around the egg or cut pinecones in half and glue the tops on for an autumn use!

5. Use as Gift Wrap. Get some cupcake wrappers, glitter and fabric pom poms. Place the egg in the cupcake wrapper, top with a fabric pom pom, and sprinkle glitter for a cute faux cupcake. Put a Shopkin or other little collectible inside the egg for a unique gift.

6. Use as Game Pieces. Separate the two halves of the plastic eggs and use them as checker pieces, Tic Tac Toe pieces or even as covers for a DIY Memory Game.

7. Use for Art Project. Separate the two halves of the plastic egg and dip the open end into paint. Have the kids make paint circles on a piece of paper for a fun art project!

Needless to say, there are lots of alternative uses for plastic Easter eggs! And lost of plastic Easter eggs crafts to keep the kids busy! Have fun getting inspired with these ideas!


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