Happy New Year everyone! A new year means new goals and resolutions. However, those goals can be really daunting. If getting organized and staying organized is your aim for the new year, here are tips on how to be more organized.

How To Be More Organized?

One Day at a Time!

With this New Year How to Get Organized Printable (you can also repin it from my pinterest board to yours), you can tackle your home organization goals. Each day, aim to complete the challenge. If you cannot complete the task challenge in a day, don’t worry (and don’t give up!) Just work on it until you finish it. Then move on to the next one in the order listed.

how to get organized with these tips from Charlene Chronicles

You’ll meet your DIY pantry organization goals, tackle that work desk organization that you’ve meant to get to for the previous year (or years!) Perhaps it is just a way to get your makeup organized. The list tackles your entire home one day or one step at a time. At the end of the 30 days (ideally 30 days – but again, no judgment here), you’ll feel more put together, more in control, free from unnecessary clutter, and a goal goddess!

Want a February Challenge Checklist? See my post here for what you can tackle next month!

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