home design tips by charlenechroniclesAfter seeing the progress on the house, it is amazing that it is finally taking shape. As I walk around our future home, I can remember every step and home advice decision made along the way during the home design project.

As a result, there are things that I have learned that were essential to have with me at all times. It took me almost the whole house project timeline to figure it out! Thus, I wanted to share these six home design tips with you here – so you can hit the ground running with the right tools from the start!

Home Design Tips: What You Need When Designing, Building and Planning Your New Home

I learned that having a tote bag in my car filled with project essentials was necessary during the planning and building phases. Whether it was to have access to key materials and samples, or having the ability to stop by the project at a moments notice – having my supplies handy was key to my sanity. Here is what I suggest having when building your home.

  1. Tape Measure

    Whether measuring a wall to see if your bed will fit, or if the rug you liked in the store will go in the room, you’ll find that you will want a tape measure at all times nearby.

  2. Notebook or Journal

    Store thoughts, measurements, and reminders in a notebook so you can refer back to information you have captured during the project planning and execution.

  3. Binder

    Place paint chips, wallpaper samples, order forms with product numbers, inspiration pictures, fabric swatches and other information in a notebook. You’ll have access to the information if you need to match something.

  4. Paper and Pencil

    Have extra because you will often put it down somewhere on the job site and forget it! So have lots in your bag.

  5. Pouch for Business Cards

    You will get a lot of business cards from supplies and store contacts. Place the cards in a zippered pouch (or a sandwich bag) for easy access  – and to not lose them.

  6. Tote Bag

    To store all the above items. Plus it is a great place to toss in your keys and wallet. You will not want your purse on the job site as it can be dirty and hard to put down to work. Find one that can be washed, that is hardy and sturdy (in case you want to put a tile sample in it)!

Have you built a home before or undergone a house renovation? What did you find to be essential to have with you? Please share your home design tips in the comments below!

Home Design Tips by CharleneChronicles

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