One of the things I have observed on our how to build a house journey, as we have progressed during our home construction over the past several months, is that there is not a lot of visual progress during the various steps to building a house.

As the saying goes, “There’s a lot of talk, but little action.” Then, during the last few weeks, it’s like a dam bursts – all of the talk finally goes into action!

Home Construction Tips – Slow Progress Means Stress

home construction tips by charlenechronicles
I think of it as a sandwich. You see the first piece of bread (the walls, roof and windows.) You get very excited. Then, there is a lot of time figuring out the little sandwich fixings (tile, knobs, paint and more.) It takes a lot of time, and is barely noticeable under the first slice of bread. Then, finally the sandwich fixings have been procured and placed (tile is installed, cabinets go in, floors are stained), and then you see the other slice of bread. Finally, you can enjoy the sandwich!

I remember going into the house weeks-on-end and, maybe, seeing a new pipe or a new wall. Yet, most of the time, the new details were barely noticeable. All of the work, during the heart of the project, is behind the scenes with design meetings, sourcing materials from third parties and more. However, it’s disheartening because you are putting a lot of work into the project and not seeing the results. Until now.

Home Construction Fabulousness Turns to Fear

Now, when I go into the house in the morning, I see tons of house construction progress. If I go back in the afternoon, I see even more. It is a time of joy and fear. Joy in that you finally see all the work you have put into your home. Fear in that you wonder if you did a good job in all the materials and choices you have made!

Move Over Melancholy

I think that is the lesson here. Adjust the home construction waiting time into design time. Try not to be frustrated or melancholy. Know that all will come together in the end. Scour those Pinterest Boards in the interim for inspiration and eye candy to keep your eye on the prize during the drearier parts of the project. You can see my fun Home Sweet {New} Home Pinterest Board here!

Then stay tuned for more posts! Some upcoming topics include: Telling a story in the house design; Packing and moving; Dealing with neighbors during construction, Unique elements in every project, and; Outside landscaping. Still a lot of work to do!

house construction tips by charlenechronicles

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