Hint Water Review

Hint Water

As a runner, I know the importance of water when I train and run races. As a human being, I know water is essential everyday. Being pregnant, I need it even more. Regardless of the day or the stage in my life, I need to drink water.

But I hate it.

Water is boring and bland. If I add juice to my water, however, to make it taste better, I am adding calories. Which kind of defeats the purpose of working out. Being pregnant, I really don’t need to be any more huge than I already am.

My other alternative is sparkling water. Generally, it is my drink of choice, but has not been sitting well with me during my pregnancy (hello digestive issues) and I don’t need to burp through a 5 mile race. Not cool.

Thank goodness I stumbled across Hint Water at a blogging conference last year. It became my workout wonder and now my pregnancy partner. It hydrates like water, as it is water, but it has a touch of natural flavoring (no fake stuff!) to make drinking it a pleasure and not a chore. No additional calories, no artificial anything. (Woot.)

And it is a perfect alternative to watered down juice for kids and toddlers.

So if you need to drink more water and need your family to drink it too, here is a hint. Go get some.


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