One of the big debates in the Hermes world among its loyalists is whether to carry a pop of color or classic color bag. The Hermes brand is known for its color in all shades. It does color like no other brand I have ever come across. Almost every color in the Hermes line has depth and a chameleon quality to it. Meaning the color ‘reads’ differently in certain leathers, time of day and light. The debate is especially popular as it pertains to Hermes Kellys or Hermes Birkin bags because of the investment those bags require.

Pop of Color or Classic Color Birkin?

Many find a bright or bold color to be the right choice for a Birkin bag. (Think green vs. gray.) The reason? The tote nature of the bag makes it casual and thus the right fit for a bright color. Others shy away from a bold color for their Birkins because they don’t want to draw attention to the bag. Having it in a pop of color would do that.

Pop of Color or Classic Color Kelly?

Hermes Kelly admirers love the classic and elegant story and structure of the bag. Therefore, they feel it should have subdued colors. Others find the matronly bag to be ripe for pop of color to make it more modern. Since Kelly bags are more under the radar, the bolder color would not attract as much attention to the bag’s brand.

So which is it?

Recently, I recalled advice that my grandmother gave me when I entered the working world and began to build my wardrobe. She stated that you should always stick with five basic colors in shoes, clothes, bags and, even, underwear. The colors she thought were staples included: Red, Black, Navy, Brown/Tan/Beige, and Gray for winter and White for Summer. She said that you could add silver or gold for evening. After that – any other color should be small pieces that you can add on to your outfit (example: a colorful scarf) or splurge on at a later time.

hermes color or classic

Over the years, I had forgotten that advice. Especially in the age of fashionistas, Instagram style stars and fashion magazines at every turn. Yet, when I started to organize and purge my closet in the past few months, I recalled her advice. It made even the most sense as it relates to Hermes bags.

With the bags being so expensive, I’ve come to the realization (reluctantly to appease my practical side) that you should stick with the basics. It will give you the most wear, versatility, seasonality, and longevity. Despite many of the Hermes colors being absolutely drool worthy (I am still dreaming of a Bamboo bag from Hermes), it is best to be traditional at the start in my opinion.

best colors for handbags

So, whether you choose a Kelly or Birkin, your bagrobe should be based off these five colors first. Then, if your budget allows, you can add color – green, orange, pink, etc. As well as expand to other Hermes styles if desired. Either way, it is the most practical to acquire these colors first for the best bang for your buck. Even if not all Kellys and Birkins, any bag choice should be the basics.

For example, you could have a Navy Chanel Flap, Red Kelly, Black Birkin, Beige Balenciaga and Gray Givenchy Nightingale. Whatever your bag style and brand choice, first get the basics. However, if you are brand and style loyalist (only carry Hermes Garden Party bags) then get all the bags in those five colors first, before adding a green Garden Party.

Plus, remember, one of the amazing things about Hermes bags is the ability to use Twillys. These are little scraps of silk in colorful colorways that you can wrap around the handles or tie around straps of your bag. So you can always add the ‘pink’ you want, but in a more practical and functional way.

Hopefully that helps you think about making the right choices as it pertains to your bag building in the years ahead!

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