If you are looking for Hermes Kelly Bag Sizes and Prices you have come to the right place! You can see references to the Hermes Kelly Dimensions and the cost of a Kelly bag below. To learn more about the Birkin bag Sizes and Prices, click here, and to see a review about making a decision between a Birkin or Kelly, click here!

Hermes Kelly Bag Prices and Sizes

Kelly Bag

The iconic Hermes Kelly Bag. While the Birkin seems to get the most glory, the Kelly bag has been around, and known, for much longer than that Birkin. This purse was designed in 1932 as a travelling bag (hence the lock and strap) and was originally called “sac à dépêches“ (bag for travel). It was renamed in 1956 after the actress Grace Kelly used the bag to cover her pregnant belly from the photographers.

Like the Hermes Birkin, the Hermes Kelly Bag is handmade. It takes one craftsman 18 hours or more to create one Kelly bag, and it comes in a variety of leathers. (Too see them all, click here.) Prices start at around $7,500.00 (USD) to $50,000.00 (USD) depending on the size and leather. Though you can find some for a little less in the resale market.

Kelly Bag Shapes

An Hermes Kelly Bag has a single handle with a shoulder strap and a numbered padlock with keys enclosed in a leather tab (called clochette). The interior is lined in leather with one zip pocket and two open pockets. Made in two styles, Rigide, which is a stiffer and considered more dressed up style. It includes exterior stitching and will cost a bit more. The other style is Souple, which means soft and would be more suitable for daytime every day wear. It has interior stitching and softer leather.

Kelly Bag Sizes

The most popular Kelly Bags sizes are the 28cm and 32cm. I have both the 32cm and 35cm. You can see the size differences here.

15cm (11cm H x 15cm W x 5cm D) L6xH4xW2
20cm (16cm H x 20cm W x 10cm D) L8xH6xW4
25cm (19cm H x 25cm W x 9cm D) L10xH7.5xW3.5
28cm (22cm H x 28cm W x 10cm D) L11xH8.5x4W
32cm (23cm H x 32cm W x 10.5cm D) L12.5xH9x4W
35cm (24cm H x 35cm W x 12cm D) L14xH9.5inx5W
40cm (28cm H x 40cm W x 16cm D) L16xH11x6W
50cm (34cm H x 50cm W x 25cm D) L20xH13x9W

There are different types of hardware used in a Kelly bag: gold, palladium, ruthenium and guilloche (diamond cut pattern palladium). Most pick the hardware based on the color jewelry they wear the most, but not always. Since Kelly bags are coveted and hard to find, many take what they can get.

Which is your favorite size?

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  1. I called Hermes store in NYC and they confimred they don’t make size 20. Only 25, 28 and 32

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