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There are many benefits to the Double Sens.

Why a Hermes Double Sens?

Most people who have it, love the:

  1. Great Leather.
  2. Unstructured shape to give it a casual use.
  3. Two colors (and in some cases even more) for the price of one.
  4. No hardware so keeps bag simple and don’t have to match!
  5. Two handles that are enable you to use as a shoulder bag – somewhat of a rarity in the Hermes world!)

Hermes Double Sens Leather

The Double Sens comes in double leather, but it can vary. There are ones with 3 or 4 colors. (See images below for an example.) Sometimes one color is Clemence and the other is Swift. Or it can be a Clemence on Clemence. I personally prefer the latter since Clemence can handle scratches better. So I don’t have to baby the bag. However, many love Swift as it is so amazing to touch and holds color really well for more vibrancy. There are some Double Sens with exotic leather on one side and Sikkim leather on the other.

The bag doesn’t have ‘feet’ or metal studs on the bottom, so it is best not to place these bags on a floor.

Double Sens 36 vs 45

You can see the difference by looking at the handle compared to the length of the bag. The smaller Double Sens 36 has handles that are almost as long as the bag. Compared to the Double Sens 45 where the bag is longer than the handles.

double sens 36
3 Color Option. Size 36. {Image Credit:}

double sens 45
Double Color. Size 45. {Image Credit:}

Double Sens Sizes and Prices are as follows:

Hermes Double Sens Sizes

  • Double Sens 36 (also known as the small Double Sens)
  • Double Sens 45 (also known as the larger Double Sens)

The numbers after the name (example: Double Sens 36) reference the centimeters that Hermes uses for its bags. So a Double Sens 36 is 36cm long. In inches, that is about 14 inches long. Alternatively, a Double Sens 45 is 45cm in length or 17 inches. Please be aware that resellers often don’t know what they have. So focus more on the measurements and less on the title they give the bag if you are going the second-hand route.

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Hermes Double Sens Dimensions

Here are the exact dimensions in inches:

  • Double Sens 36 (14″ long x 11″ high x 3.9″ wide) (Good for smaller stature individuals)
  • The Double Sens 45 (17.7″ long x 13.4″ high x 7.1 wide”  (Most popular size)

Hermes Double Sens Prices

These are the prices as I know them to be at this time. It can vary due to taxes, etc. Best to add 10% to the prices listed below to give you wiggle room.

  • Double Sens 36: $3,825
  • Double Sens 45: $4,450

A Hermes Double Sens can be a great bag. Do you have one? What do you love (or not love) about it?

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