Everyone has a friend or family member that is a health enthusiast, or fitness guru. Maybe that is you! Sometimes, it is hard to think what to gift them for the holidays or birthdays. Alternatively, you may want to skip the standard gift certificate to the local sporting goods store. Dr. Bradley Weiss, from Performance Health Center in Natick, MA, shared his favorite healthy gift ideas for your holiday shopping!

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Healthy Gift Ideas

Ergonomic Pillow:

Promoting proper neck and head support while sleeping can not only give the recipient a good night sleep, but help their spine during the day, and reduce aches and pains. So, they can hit their daily workout hard the next morning.

Dynaflex Wrist Strengthener:

Loved by the PGA, a wrist strengthener is what it says – it helps strengthen the wrist and arm. It can help prevent carpal tunnel, arthritis, and tennis elbow. Thus, it’s good for golfers, tennis players, hockey players – and those on their phone or computer a lot!

Lumber Car Pillow:

Whether they commute for hours a day or just around the corner, these can provide additional low back support while driving  – with benefits felt when out of the car. Alternatively, they can use in their home office, work office, or favorite TV chair. A lumbar pillow can help maintain a strong core and prevent back pain so they don’t miss their next game!

Stretching Foam Rollers:

These help treat tight muscles and are a must have for sports and exercise enthusiasts! Many use these in the gym to stretch and massage pre-workout or post-workout muscles. It is a nice addition to have at home and a must have for a home gym too!

Exercise Balls:

Whether using to stretch, as an exercise tool, or even as a cool alternative to a desk chair, these are fun and inexpensive as far as exercise equipment goes. These are also great for kids and tweens/teens. They may think it is a toy, but it is great and fun way to introduce exercise or as a cool chair for their room.

Ice Packs or Heat Pads:

These can reduce inflammation or sooth overused muscles. They also help when not feeling your best either. This is one of those gifts that the giftee often doesn’t buy for themselves or could always use another. Thus, it seems to always be a welcome and practical gift. Find cute ones or luxurious ones for a bonus.

Orthotic Slippers:

Seems like a stretch, right? However, orthotic slippers can be pampering with passion. Keeping the foot inline while shuffling around the house can have benefits all day and night. I especially love the Vionic brand. Cute and comfort combined!

Lastly, massages are always welcome or consider a gift certificate to a local Chiropractor. Whatever you gift, may you, and your giftee, have a healthy new year!

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