Happy Baby Foods is a great brand that has been a part of our house since my first child was introduced to solid foods, and in about a year, I’ll be introducing baby number two to the same foods. Needless to say, we are huge fans. Not to say that we don’t have other products in our house, but, see for yourself….

Our Fridge

Happy Tot Squeeze Fruit


Happy Baby Food Pouches

Our Freezer

Happy Baby Frozen Food

Our Cabinet

Happy Baby Munchies and Melts

Then we have a stock pile in the basement where we store our supplies.

Why do we love it? Because it is what I would make for my baby or toddler if I had the time to do it. It is an organic brand of foods without artificial colors, preservatives, and flavors. The containers don’t contain phthalates, PBB’s, PBDE’s or bisphenol-A (BPA) either. Just real food with great mixtures like orange and pumpkin or peas and pears.

My first foray into the brand was the Happy Squeezer. I used to squeeze the tot pouches into a spoon and it feed to my baby. It made it easy to take in the diaper bag and was one less container to clean! When my son was teething, I even put the packet in the freezer (1-2hrs) to get it to a slushy consistency to help soothe his gums, although now it is just a fun summer snack. Now I just give him the packet directly and he squeezes it himself, directly into his mouth. I have been known to eat them myself when I am on the run and need real food, real fast….and this is just one product in a huge line of what they have.

Honestly, I can’t say enough about how comfortable I am giving any Happy product to my child when I just don’t have the time to make it, and he has loved the food since he was a baby. I don’t want this blog post to turn into an advertisement though, so here is a link to the FAQ section of Happy Baby so you can learn more about it directly.

If you haven’t tried it (or if you have and love it as we do), leave a comment and enter to win 2 free HappyMelts, 2 free HappyBaby Puffs, and 2 free Happy Munchies. Yum! Congrats to Mary R. for winning!


Disclosure: I received additional HappyBaby products, but the thoughts and opinions are my own.

Image Credit: © CharleneChronicles


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  1. Great post and totally agree. These are great products! Our little one is just starting to eat the baby food and loves it. And we found it at BJs which is awesome :)

  2. Great post- I remember the yogurt snacks very well!

  3. Love Happy Baby stufff. Great post!

  4. We love these squeeze pouches…what a saviour!!!!

  5. We love these + get them often for our little ones. I was excited to see BJs carries some of their products now!!

  6. Thanks for introducing me to a great product! Looking forward to baby arriving so we can start feeding him healthy foods that we feel good about.

  7. LOOOVE Happy Baby products!

  8. We love Happy Baby! The pouches are so convenient and the other products are great as well!

  9. We were recently introduced to Happy Baby, and I wish I had been sooner!!! Baby J LOVES the melts!

  10. kristin patricks says:

    My Gavin goes crazy over the yogurt bites! I love Happy Baby products!

  11. Yum! G loves these!

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