Like I mentioned in a previous post, when you are pregnant the second time around, you don’t get a baby shower. While I did host a baby gender reveal party, all the awesome gifts were given to charity or as a giveaway during our #pinkorblue Twitter party. So needless to say, I was so happy to get a shower after all.

I got “card” showered by Hallmark.

Hallmark Card Shower


One day, I went to mailbox and saw all these envelopes in there. That weren’t bills! or election materials! Just lots of cards. Just for me.

I loved opening and reading every single one. However, these were my favorites. I mean, who doesn’t want to feel like a super hero and know that you can tackle those swollen pregnancy ankles?

Hallmark Superhero


The inside of this card says: “But when life hands you a load of crap, don’t make anything.” As a Mom dealing with potty training for a two year old and about to start cloth diapering a newborn, truer words have never been spoken.

Hallmark Life Card


I love this card. It is hard to see, but for once, a pregnant woman on a card is not smiling. (Love the accuracy.) When you open the card, it says: “Then its the baby’s turn.” (And for at least 18 years too.)

Hallmark Pregnancy Card


The card below is a funky, modern card with a lot of wine bottles and wine glasses. As someone who hasn’t had a glass of wine since September, this is the closest I can get, and I’ll take it.

Hallmark Wine Card


After I got carded by all these awesome cards, I turned to my Twitter friends and Facebook fans and asked if they liked paper cards over e-cards. (Huge thanks to them for answering!)


Hallmark 2


Hands down. Paper cards won.

So if you know someone who would love to get a card shower, then check out Hallmark new service where you can shower anyone with cards. Invite friends/family/co-workers through email or Facebook, and specify the date you’d like the honoree to receive his or her shower of cards.

The people you invited respond to the invitation, buy a card on (or in the store) and send their cards on the specified date. They also can invite more people themselves, increasing the size of the card shower. The honoree then receives a shower of cards! The honoree can be anyone: a teacher, a friend who lost a loved one, someone going overseas, anything. So while I like to think I’m special, anyone can get carded. (Get it? Hee, Hee.)

Card Showers from Hallmark also features the ability to set up reminders and track sending online. (A nifty feature for those of us that have preggo-brain…………wait, what was my point again?) But seriously. Very cool. Lots of fun. And Mother’s Day is around the corner. Maybe think about card showering a Mom that you admire.

Even the pregnant-soon-to-be-mom ones. (Hint, Hint.)


Many thanks to the Hallmark PR team for sending me the cards! Eileen, Angie, Amy, Deirdre, Erica, Kelsey, Liz, Gina, Jon and ‘J.T’! You rock.

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