Since I’m on the other side of 40 now, skin care is a big focus for me because, as we age, our skin thins, from reduction of hormones and years of environmental impact. Mine is starting to show these signs and, yes, I am vain enough to want to look good for my age.

So, I was intrigued when my dermatologist told me about a new science being used in certain cosmetic products, in particular certain moisturizers, called the ‘Growth Factor”.

growth factor in skin care

Growth Factor is defined as a substance, such as a vitamin, protein or hormone, that is required for the stimulation of growth in living cells. It is a naturally occurring substance that living entities create, capable of stimulating cellular growth, proliferation, healing, and cellular differentiation. We produce it and, in this particular story, so do snails.

Snails in Skin Care

This growth factor in skin care is in a new moisturizer that I purchased from a company called Biopelle. It uses a growth factor from snail secretion. I know, totally gross right? But they use it based on scientific study from a snail that learned to protect itself from the elements: a secretion of growth factors and glycoproteins that covered its skin. This special fluid was absorbed and healed the damage from the sun’s rays. They figured it was good for the snail so it could be good for people.

After years of research, European scientists have discovered a unique way to harness this Snail growth factor to help damaged human skin. The technology, from what I can research, is based on stem cell science. The ability to take stem cells from the snail secretion and grow it in a lab, then use it in products. It saves the snails, and with the goal of saving your skin.

It’s an interesting concept – using stem cells in skin care. It will be interesting to see where the growth factor in skin care goes in the decade ahead and if there will be measurable dermalogical results, and FDA oversight, of the new technology in this particular realm. Whether from snails or other bio-produced proteins and hormones that have shown remarkable results in certain arenas, will be beneficial in skincare overall.

Only time will tell. {Just like my skin.}

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