Makeup is a tricky business but there are some things you can do to go green with your makeup routine. You don’t have to have natural and organic for every thing in your beauty drawer, if your lifestyle and budget don’t allow for it. But sometimes it is nice to go green and organic where you can to at least cut down on some of the harmful ingredients that can get on our skin.

green beauty routine

Here are five ways you can have a more green makeup routine:

1. Mineral makeover: Mineral make-up generally avoids fragrances, preservatives and emollient oils and waxes found in conventional formulations, which can cause irritation and sit heavily on the skin. Mineral foundation is a great way to care for your skin and allow it to breathe. It can also be fantastically flattering and great for those of you with acne or sensitive skin. Mineral eye shadows come in a huge range of colours, just look out for the genuine brands and not “mineral-enriched”. One of my favorite brands in this genre is Jane Iredale.

2. Love your Lashes: Most mascaras contain plastic particles and fibres to keep those lashes long and dark. You can also find mercury, formaldehyde, parabens and artificial colours in mascara. Switch to a natural mascara by brands such as Green People, whose products contain Vitamin E and plant oils improving the condition of your lashes. If you like false lashes just beware, some are made from animal hair and the eyelash adhesive can contain some very nasty chemicals. Opt for toxic-free eyelash adhesive and animal-free lashes.

3. Wipe it off, not on: Cleansing wipes might remove your makeup, but many contain a host of chemicals, such as Isopropyl Stearate, Phenoxyethanol and Methylisothiazolinone. Try Natracare organic cleansing make-up removal wipes, certified by the Soil Association to ensure they contain only the very best natural and organic ingredients. You can read my review about them here.

4. Choose your Tools: to avoid brushes made with animal hair and plastic handles, choose eco-friendly alternatives made from bamboo or wood. You can see a great selection on Amazon.

5. DIY: Making your own beauty products can be fun, easy and means you know exactly what is in them. Start with a body scrub, made simply with sea salt, sugar, oatmeal or ground almonds and olive oil. Lip balms are also fairly easy too. Check out my favorite recipe for a body scrub and lip balm.

Thanks to Natracare for this content and this post does contain my affiliate links.

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