I haven’t wanted to write in quite some time…….

Okay, fine, just in the past two weeks, but that is an eternity in the blog world. It spells Klout death: a downward spiral of points. (If you have no idea what I am talking about, good for you because it ain’t socially pretty.)

I have been working on some things behind the scenes though: videos, a potential new live show, a new blog logo. All the while dealing with something I thought I would never had to deal with. In the scheme of life, it was minor as I can think of a lot harder things to go through, such as getting hit by a car or the loss of a baby, but it was hard, unexpected and took a lot of time to determine the best solution.  Ultimately, it was something that I had to do for the good of another and for the benefit of the whole. All the while, knowing it was not something I wanted, but rather, something I knew others wanted and that outweighed my needs.

Fork in the Road

Once I made the hard decision I needed to make, everyone supported it, but to make it more difficult, there were a few that didn’t like the execution of it. It’s like making the decision to get married, but then everyone doesn’t like the dress or venue you picked out, and they hate it so much that they call you nasty names, resulting in you banning them from your wedding.¬†So while it had nothing to do with tulle in my situation, it resulted in a similar outcome. (But seriously, hypothetically, if you were called a fat cow in a dress, would you really want them at your wedding?)

Needless to say, emotions and stress were running high, but in the end, I know I did the right thing. While there is pain when you have to grow in such a way, there is also a sense of peace and happiness knowing the object of the decision feels the same way, and that one person’s sadness results in the happiness for many. It has changed the course of my life in a way I would not have anticipated just four months ago, but one that I do stand behind, even if that life will be different.

Have you ever had to do that? Put your own wants aside and do what is best for the ‘greater good?’


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  1. Hugs, Char! Hope you’re doing ok. And hope to see you soon!!! xxx

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