GoldieBlox: Reading Meets Building

After getting samples of a cool product called GoldieBlox, I had to share my excitement with you. GoldieBlox is reading, combined with play, combined with engineering. It really takes reading to a whole new level, and I’m thrilled with the possibilities that it can provide to my kids.

Each GoldieBlox™ comes in a box! And inside the box is a book and materials to build an item that is themed with the book. Plus, the book weaves the building of the project into the story itself.

GoldieBlox Review

The building of the object also requires critical thinking. (Though there are hints along the way.) Plus, the end of each book gives ideas on other ways to build other objects using the same tools. So even if you have read the book several times, there is growth potential.

While GoldieBlox is geared to kids 4-9 years, even my 23 month old liked practicing putting the pegs in the holes of the peg board that was part of the Goldie Blox. She also loved just playing with the building materials independently. (Be careful though, they are small parts that are choking hazards so supervision is needed.)
goldieblox review
There is play flexibility (read the book, don’t build; build and not read; do both) and children of different ages can get something out of Goldie Blox as a result. Regardless of the day, they can still play.

The books focus on friendship and an engineering concept (the concept is identified on the box). Some concepts are a belt drive, a hinge, and a wheel and axle.

If you have a child with autism, I like about GoldieBlox is that it helps a child explore, have patience, and ‘think outside the box”. It provides a practical approach to help him or her conceptualize the story. It is great for ABA providers as part of an action plan: to read, to build, to work on fine motor skills, to strengthen attention span, and to match and follow.

Each GoldieBlox retails for about $20-30, and is such a perfect birthday present for kids of all kinds. So stock up on a few and be ready for that next Birthday party invite your child gets!

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