sponsoredpostgraphicI am the first to totally admit that I am a big shoe snob. Not just as it relates to me, but as it relates to my kids as well. {Keeping it real, people.} I want my kids to have shoes that look good with a majority of their clothes, enable them to be active at school, but still clean cut enough to not look like they are about to have gym class at any minute. Some of you may be frantically nodding your head in total understanding. Everyone else, let me explain what I mean with The 574 Zoo Collection New Balance Sneakers for kids.

First, my kids need sneakers. They need to be able to run outside on the playground and be comfortable in class.

Charlene_Chronicles_Climbing_New Balance Zoo

Second, the sneakers need to be unique without standing too far out that you see their feet before you see them. In other words, no neon, no sequins or glitter, no flashing lights or whistles (literally.) In fact, sneakers like these are banned from school. {Seems like there are only boring alternatives left, right?}

charlene chronicles new balance zoo sneakers

Third, the sneaks need to work with the majority of my kids’ clothes. As fast as my kids’ grow, and as rough as they are with their clothes and shoes, I’m not about to start a shoe collection for them. I need a pair or two that can be versatile. It keeps the budget in check and eliminates the endless decision of what shoes to wear in the morning. (I have enough battles like that over the pairs of pants.)

charlene chronicles new balance zoo sneakers

What I loved about this New Balance Zoo collection is that they are adorable. My Mary-Jane, dress wearing daughter wants to wear her New Balance Zoo sneakers more often than not. They are pink, have zebra stripes (which any fashionista knows animal prints are totally in for the season) and enable her to run and jump to her hearts’ content.

charlene chronicles new balance zoo sneakers

My too-cool for school five-year old wants cool sneakers. {It’s the battles in the stores can be epic.} He wants the action figure, spinning, can blast you to the moon, kicks, and I want classic comfort. These NB Zoo shoes seemed to enact a shoe treaty between us. Not neutral navy, but not a boisterous blue either. The subtle pattern and neon yellow trim keep it fun and fresh for him, and happy and haute for me.

new balance zoo sneakers

Then as a Mom, I like that it is a classic brand (local for me too!) with classic lines. New Balance knows sneakers so I feel more comfortable about the foot growth when they are wearing New Balance sneakers for kids.

Charlene_Chronicles_New Balance Zoo 2

So whether you just need a solid pair of sneakers, a pair that meets the needs of your fashionista, a pair that is cool to cause ahhhs, then let me highly recommend these. These photos may have been taken one day at the Franklin Park Zoo with them wearing their New Balance Zoo Sneakers, but they have been wearing them everyday since.

Well done, New Balance, well done!

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