As I shared in my Monday Momazon YouTube episode, the fun find for Moms on Amazon feature this week is this glitter iPhone cover I bought on Amazon. I’m also sharing how to take a great selfie.

Have Bling When Your Phone Rings?

I love the look of glitter phone covers. However, many were really expensive! Others had designs that left a trail of glitter! Or worse, didn’t even protect your phone.

Having a sparkle, glitter phone cover is perfect for everyday, fun and great for those mirror selfies.

Fashion and Function

I searched on Amazon and I found this cover. I liked the sparkle, I liked how it covered the edges on my phone and the glitter was behind a protective cover.

Then I wanted to get a ring grip on the back of my phone for security when holding the phone. So I bought this one that matched the glitter, and had some bling of its own. Finally, I loved the ‘ring’ grip and the literal take on ‘ring’. So adorable.

I have had it for about a month now, and no bling has fallen off – so far so good!


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Where to Get

This is the vendor on (affiliate) Amazon where I got my phone cover. There are 3 finishes (gold, silver, rose gold) at the time of the post, and a reasonable price for the purpose. The ring can be found (affiliate) here. There are around 5 colors – like black, blue, purple, pink and white. For the cover, I got one for the iPhone 6 Plus, but click on the vendor name and you can see all the compatible phones.

I went with a more matching gold-on-gold combo with the cover and ring, but having a gold glitter cover with the black would be classy and very Chanel. A pink ring grip with the rose gold glitter cover would be super sweet. For the price, get a few combos so you can switch depending on your mood, season or outfit! Heck, why not!

So chat or take selfies in glam!

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here is a fun smartphone cover for those mirror photos!

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