It used to be fun. It used to be about friendship. It used to be about connections. Now it is about content rather than communication. It is about foes and not friends. It’s about likes and not love. It’s about analytics and not outreach. These may be similar reasons you are considering in giving up blogging.

Should I give up on my blog?

I spend hours creating YouTube videos only to have a handful watch the content. I write reviews late at night for some coupons. I get turned down for a $100 toy review because I don’t have 100,000 unique views a month. I post on Facebook and get unliked.

I wonder where I went wrong? Am I so unlikeable? Am I so unworthy? Do I care?
giving up blogging
Seems I am not alone. There are some great blog posts out there about giving up blogging. Some thought and did it, and some thought and did not.

If you are on that cliff wondering which direction to go, then read these posts:

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One theme I took away from most of the above blog posts is the theme about connections; fostering them, enhancing them, maintaining them. It is finding a tribe that is supportive of you and you them. Perhaps it is guest blogging? Perhaps it is joining and being active in Facebook groups?

should i give up on my blog

To be honest, I have done both without much success, but when I look closely at it, it is not just guest blogging on a site, but on a site that will promote you back. It is not just about doing a review for a brand, but a brand that will retweet your review. It is not just joining a Facebook group of 100 people, but being a part of 10 close knit folks that have your back and you theirs.

So read the posts and let me know what you think. Are you struggling too?

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