How_To_Throw_a_Baby_Gender_Reveal_PartyWith over 60% of pregnant women finding out the gender of their baby during the course of their pregnancies, Gender Reveal Parties and Gender Reveal Baby Showers are growing in popularity. It is especially popular for second time pregnant Moms looking for a unique way to celebrate the birth of other children. Since many second time Moms don’t get a baby shower for subsequent children (for obvious reasons), having a Gender Reveal party is way unique way to celebrate the joy of a new life.

Despite waiting to find out the gender of our first child, we wanted to know earlier with this baby and decided to have a Gender Reveal Party. Between space planning and other factors, including a health scare, we thought that it would be fun to find out in advance of the birth of this child. Yet, I wasn’t too excited with finding out in a doctor’s office, so this was a fun option I discovered.

The concept is that you have an ultrasound (usually standard procedure during the course of pre-natal care) and during that appointment the technician doing the procedure usually can tell the sex of the baby. However, instead of telling you, they write it on a piece of paper and seal it in an envelope. You bring the envelope to a bakery who then bakes a cake (cupcakes or even cake pops) with either pink or blue cake/frosting on the inside. You have a party, cut the cake and voila – you find out what you are having! Another idea is to give the envelope to a friend who buys either pink or blue helium-filled balloons and places them in a large box. Then you open the box and see what floats out!

We also thought it may be good opportunity to support a local charity. In lieu of gifts, we are encouraging our guests to bring a pack of diapers to donate to charity. Anyone who brings a pack, will enter to win a fabulous prize. We also suggested folks bring something pink or blue depending on what is their guess for the gender of this baby; if we find out the gender is a boy, we are going to donate all the pink items to charity or vice versa.

In reality though, as a Blogger, I live my life online. I talk about my pregnancy, my family and my dogs on this blog, on Facebook and on Twitter, to name a few social media spaces! So it seemed to be a natural flow to share this experience with my online family too. (That’s you!) So on the night of our own Gender Reveal Party, I’m also going to be sharing the festivities on Twitter, Facebook and this blog. The really cool thing is that anyone who follows the fun will be the ones to get all the presents! So click here if you would like to learn more! Trust me, you are not going to want to miss this!

For all of you who are pregnant – whether you are team green, blue or pink – may you all have happy, and healthy pregnancies!


Disclaimer: I received no compensation for this post.


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