Back in January, I stopped by the GE Booth at a Blogging conference called Blissdom. I was drawn to this shiny and beautiful GE washer and dryer in all its glory.

Since mine look like this…


you can see why I was drawn to them.

I chatted with the representatives and learned that this laundry set was like a drying and washing nirvana. It had special settings for getting poop out of baby clothes, the stinkiness out of pet beds, automatic detergent loading options and more. We ended up chatting about kids, laundry, dogs and social media. (As strange as it sounds, it does all go together.)

As I left the booth, I made a vow to go home and start kicking the crap out of my current washer and dryer so I could say, “Oh honey, the washer is broken. I think we have to go buy a new one.”

<Sigh> Despite my frantic kicking over the past three months, I still have the old washer and dryer.

But one morning (cue angel music) I got an email from GE that ‘turned my frown upside down’. They remembered me and they wanted me to visit them in Kentucky. They wanted to continue the conversation about social media and laundry (again, not as weird as it may sound) with a small group of bloggers for a fun learning, sharing and cooking (geez louise, I hope I don’t burn the place down) experience at the GE Monogram Experience Center in Kentucky. Otherwise known as the “GE Momsperience!”

We are going to chat about the “Biggest Challenges in the Kitchen?” (mine would be actually having to cook) and “Entertaining Made Simple,” as well as other topics. There are other fun events planned too! I am really looking forward to going (even cancelled my attendance at another conference – sorry guys!), and sharing the experience with you. Not sure what to expect, but it should be fun all around.

But before I go, what is your biggest household challenge? I would love to be able to share your thoughts and comments with GE. They are listening. (Hmm, that is not supposed to be as creepy as it sounds.)

And to blow your minds, if you already follow me on Facebook or Twitter, just leave a comment, or start following me on Twitter and Facebook (and come back to post a comment with proof that you did) and one of you will be selected to attend the same event. Yup. GE will cover your airfare (or mileage reimbursement if you drive), hotel, and your meals/ground transportation in Louisville. How awesome is that. You must do one (or all three) no later than 11:59pm EDT on Saturday, April 30th and be able to attend the trip from Sunday, May 15 through Tuesday, May 17th.

Let’s have some fun!

Congrats to Christy!! and much bloggy love to everyone who entered. Truly wish all of you could come with me. <sniff>


Image Credit: and my own image.


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  1. Jessica DiRamio says:

    I follow you on Twitter (I am @bostonmomdeals) and I “like” Charlene Chronicles on Facebook. I would LOVE this opportunity!! Amazing!

  2. My biggest challenge in my household is being consistent with the chores! My house is either spotless (for like .2 seconds) or filthy. I need to find a happy medium, a “good enough.”
    I follow you on FB and twitter!

  3. My biggest household challenge is keeping up with laundry. Going from two adults to adding a little one has increased it a ton. Especially since we use cloth diapers. This might sound dorky, but I’m super excited that there’s a washing machine that has a setting to get poo out of baby clothes. That’s beyond awesome!

  4. I’m in the same boat with you! My biggest challenge is my outdated washer and dryer. They just don’t work as well as they used to…. 🙁 Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  5. I’m a new twitter follower – @LifeWithLevi

    I don’t have much time for washing my hair, either, lol.

  6. Beth Feinberg Keenan says:

    I love following you on FB and reading Charlene Chronicles. I am in love with so many of your posts and amazed by all of the information that you are able to share with your followers. Just like you I feel that easy entertaining is a challenge but also maintaining a clean home. I am not a huge fan of cleaning but working from home I struggle to keep things organized. Can’t wait to read what you come back with after your visit to GE!

  7. Sarah Ferguson says:

    I have heard about GE’s Experience Center before, and it sounds AMAZING! Unfortunately, I can’t go that weekend so I won’t enter, but have a great time!

  8. I follow you on The Twitters!

  9. My biggest Kitchen Challenges are getting out of the rut of eating the same thing all the time. My other would be either streamlining all the gadgets and pots/pans I have or actually using them. Although, if i get rid of them I’ll only have a few things to wash and what fun would that be?

  10. I like you on Facebook. But I also like you in real life, so does that count too? 😉

  11. Hi Charlene,
    My biggest household challenge is running a household and working almost full-time. I can never seem to get it all done and have a home cooked meal every night. I would LOVE to win this amazing trip. Thanks for the opportunity.

    I follow you on twitter and on FB (kelly reid moore)

  12. My biggest challenge in the kitchen is keeping on top of the dirty dishes. Our dishwasher is 11 years old and doesn’t always do a great job and I despise washing dishes by hand. Once I even moved a box of dirty dishes because the new place had a dishwasher! LOL!

    I’m following you on twitter @BlueMonkeyButt


    I liked your facebook page… Elle Burton

    The GE trip sounds super, I’m not a Boston Blogger, but does it still count if I grew up near there?????

  13. My biggest household problem is clutter. No matter how many times I unclutter, the clutter always seems to come back.

    I follow you on Twitter (@Oh_Diane)

  14. I follow you on both Twitter as @ToyQueen and Facebook as Keri Wilmot

    I would love to attend this awesome experience with you!

    In terms of household challenges, finding the time to clean with a toddler and working full time is the first one. But in terms of specific cleaning challenges, cleaning the top of my stainless steel stove is a real pain. The smell that comes along with the front loading washers is also kind of an annoyance. You finally find the time to clean and then there are the little things that just put you over the edge leading to pure avoidance!

  15. Didi Matregrano says:

    Following on faceook Didi Matregrano and on twitter @Sienna337

  16. Didi Matregrano says:

    My biggest challenge in the kitchen is keeping on top of the dirty dishes. I do not have a dishwasher. My other challenge would be trying to find new things that hubby and the kids will all like. We get tired of the same old things.

  17. My biggest problem is getting our laundry really clean. Our washing machine is 12 years old and has been a real workhorse, but it just doesn’t seem to do a great job anymore. And I think it’s eating our socks.

  18. Test. Are my comments posting?
    My biggest challenge in the kitchen are my aging appliances. My dishwasher is older than I am.

  19. OMG, I cannot believe I almost missed this!!!

    I follow you everywhere, my dear.

    My biggest household challenge is keeping up with the laundry in the baskets and folding and putting it all away once it’s washed. We’re constantly digging in baskets around here! Does GE make a dryer that folds it all?

    Thanks for the chance! WOULD LOVE THIS!!!!!

  20. My biggest challenge is keeping the counters cleared off… from dirty dishes to random clutter, there just never seems to be room to put anything.

    I follow you on FB/Twitter. My fingers are crossed on this one… it would be my first blogging trip and it would be fun to take it with you. =}

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