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As I write this post, I am off to the GE Momsperience. As my recent video shows, my favorite household appliance is a GE Microwave, but I am looking forward to getting an insight into a unique component of the GE brand.

One of GE’s ventures is, of course, appliances, but it has a select appliance line called “Monogram”. From what I know, it is the luxury side of their appliance offerings.

Ironically, I learned about Monogram appliances mere weeks before today, when my husband and I were house hunting. We walked into a property being built and boxes of to-be installed GE Monogram appliances were on the floor. The realtor mentioned the appliances as being top-of-the-line, and sure enough, it is.

So fast-forward, I’m flying to the GE Monogram headquarters where contractors, realtors and others gather to learn about the brand.  It is a unique concept to me that there is a whole showcase devoted to a product line.  Tons of questions pop into my head like, “What is the benefit to having the center?” “What is it about the appliance line that warrants the focus?” and “How does the Monogram line differ from others”.

My innate curiosity has me excited to see what is in store, especially as it relates to social media. This event will also expose me to Kentucky, a place I have never visited before, as well as a unique boutique hotel called 21c, which is touted as part hotel and part museum.

So stay tuned for my GE chronicles this week. It is sure to be amazing at every turn.


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