Four Fun Halloween Gifts for Ghouls

Halloween is a great time for spells, spooks and spoofs. Most kids love Halloween, but why should the kiddos have all the fun? October is a great time to have fun with the frightful season. I mean, hey, we feel like zombies during school drop off on a Monday morning so why not play that up?

Here are four wicked fun Halloween gift ideas just for Moms, gals and ghouls!

This is an ‘eye’ pendant that retails on Zazzle for about $30. We always tell the kids we have eyes on the back of our heads, so why not wear an extra one. Plus it is cool – an Halloween take on the trendy evil eye jewelry.


We always think we are wicked cool Moms so change the ring tone on your phone to a witches’ cackle and answer cell phone calls with this wicked cool iPhone cover on Zazzle for about $38.

halloween iphone cover for moms

Mom by day and Zombie by night. There are lots of halloween themed t-shirts on Zazzle, but this has a frightfully funny flair. It retails for $27.


Tell the kids you have something in your eyes with these spider sunglasses. They come in multiple frame colors so go punky pink, october orange or bat black to name a few. At $11 on Zazzle, it is a quick Halloween fix-me-up when you don’t have time to throw on mascara.

halloween sunglasses halloween moms

There are some other great halloween items on Zazzle (with Halloween discounts throughout the month for even great savings on the items listed above) like black and orange wristlets or cute halloween themed tote bags.


So get your boo-on and do the monster dance with something festive for Halloween! Wear the items throughout the month, or ‘dress up’ on Halloween and show all the neighborhood kids and parents that you are the Mummy on the block.

fun halloween gift ideas

Zazzle compensated me for my time in writing this post. However, all the above picks, content, selections and themeing in this post are my own.

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