There are great Mother’s Day gifts out there. Everything from shoes and purses, to cards and chocolates, everything is game for Mom on Mother’s Day. Yet, rather than sharing specific gifts, I wanted to share tips on how you can have creative Mother’s Day gifts. Turn these classics into something more presentable, more appreciated, more unique, and more useful.

creative mother's day gifts

Instead of Chocolates, give Cookies

There is nothing wrong with chocolates, but they can get rather monotonous. Go to a local bakery and get a selection of delectible cookies, pretty pastries and cute cupcakes. If they don’t have pretty boxes and wrapping, find cellophane or bags and wrap with pretty ribbon at home.

Instead of a Spa, Give Polish

Instead of giving a spa certificate that usually languishes in a drawer since Mom doesn’t have time to go, give a gift certificate for a nail salon and package with a selection nail polish shades for instant gratification. Or offer a spa certificate with a baby sitting certificate.

Instead of Flowers, Give a Plant

Flower are great, but they die. Give a plant that can be planted in a garden. A self-contained planter garden of herbs, or a basket of flowers that Mom can put on the front steps so it lasts all summer long. Another alternative to flowers is something like an Edible Arrangement. Is has the same presentation-like feel as a flower bouquet, but at least Mom can eat it!

Instead of Jewelry, give Pottery

If you have tackled all of the Mom jewelry options, have the kids go to a pottery painting place. Rather than having all of them paint nic-naks, pick a bowl, a platter or a mug and have all of them paint a part of it. Maybe someone paints the inside of the mug, another child the outside, etc. Make sure you pick a place that uses a kiln so the piece can be glazed, cured and used! So it doesn’t collect dust in the corner.

No matter what you give Mom, it is the thought that counts! And remember to remember her all year long!

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