If you love to accessorize, why not accessorize your shoes? I mean, really, do your jeans and shirts have to have all the fun?

sandals copyI received a complimentary pair of FlipOut Sandals to wear to an upcoming trip to a Beaches Resort. As it is currently pouring rain outside, I’m [desperately] estactic about some fun in the sun! I’m also excited to wear these FlipOut flip flops during my trip.

They are a high quality flip flops, but where it gets interesting is how you can wear them. You can bling them with jewels! Rhinestone hearts? Yes. Bejeweled bows? Yes. Pave Peace symbols? Yup.

You just twist off the jewel and twist another one on. Pick a pair of flip flops and then customize your look with your outfit. Pick a pink, red, blue or green jewel to coordinate with your outfit. Add it to a pair of haute jelly flops, your basic flip flop, a wedge flip flop and more. Pick from tons of little gems, or big bling options, and a variety of flip flip colors, and you can stun in the sun!

Personally, I love the sparkles and I love the customization, but I also like how it takes the need from your toes to be the main focus. So these Flip Out Sandals are fabulous any day of the year, but they are especially worthy when you don’t have time for a pedi.

Go from toes to bows instead!

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