I always spend January trying to get organized after the hectic holidays. In addition, I always look for new ideas or organization products to reach that goal. So I wanted to share my five finds to help you get organized in 2018.

Organization Products

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Keeping Track of To Dos

I’ve fallen in love with the Blackboard by Boogie Board. Insert the templates for a weekly organizer, a notepad, grids, or just a blank sheet. Alternatively, insert your own document, like a photo or architectural plans, or lay the board over an iPad. You can take notes or make suggestions on a document without impacting the original! Then use the free Blackboard app to save, organize, search or share your work. So, you can remember the shopping list you jotted down when actually in the store.

Despite looking like a tablet, there is nothing to charge, plug in or turn on. Just replace a small button cell battery on occasion (the product sheet says 5 years). Clear the entire surface with the touch of a button or erase using the included stylus. The stylus is also magnetic so it grips to the Board. Thus, keeping it safe (and not lost!) While large, it is very thin so the board is easy to mount on a wall for home organization. Its slim style also makes it easy to tuck into a laptop bag for on-the-go use. I found it is also great to entertain the kids!

You can find it here on (affiliate) Amazon.

Toy Storage Ideas

Tackling the toys is always on my organization to do list after the holidays. One of my favorite ways to keep things organized is this storage station.

toy storage
There are six removable cases allow kids to store a variety of toys, books and coloring supplies. The in-molded handle makes it easy to carry from room-to-room. I like the larger drawers rather than the little compartment storage options. Larger drawers enables kids to get a see what they have, and keeps more sets together with a larger drawer. Get one for all the coloring supplies. Then get another one for Legos!

You can purchase it (affiliate) here on Amazon.

Shopkins Storage

My daughter and son have lots of accessories for their toys. Whether it is Barbie shoes or a mini-lightsaber from mini-figures, they can get easily misplaced.

shopkins storage
I have found that using a hanging jewelry organizer is great for toys too. This is especially great for storing Shopkins or those other mini-blind bag toys. The clear vinyl pockets enables kids to see what they have at a glance. This one from (affiliate) Amazon has 80 pockets!

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Best Thing Ever: Purse Organizer

Don’t forget your handbag in your organization frenzy! When I first got a purse organizer, I could not believe how long I lived without one. Not only does it enable you to quickly switch bags, but it does help you find things in your bag! It is a (affiliate) must have for daily organization (and sanity.)

best purse organizer

organization products

Your Home Away From Home: Car Organizer

As you get organized, don’t forget the car. For most Moms, they live in their car as much as the house! With this smart car or trunk organizer, you can tidy the back and front seat of your vehicle in just a few seconds!

car organizer for kids

Keep everything you need inside the foldable container. This storage organizer found on (affiliate) Amazon has 8 different compartments including 2 large main areas, 1 zippered pocket, additional outer pockets, plus 4 built in cup holders for beverages.

What organization products do you love? Share and spread the word! I love getting other ideas and I know other readers do too!

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