sponsoredpostgraphicMy close friends and family know that I am trying to focus on my health this year. More posts about that later, but after two kids, job changes, surgeries and more, it is time to focus on me. More specifically, my health.

First order of business is more fiber in my diet. While I’ve up’d my intake of fruits and vegetables, thanks to a CSA we belong too, I’m not fabulous yet about eating them all the time. So a fiber supplement is a must. My kids take one, and I started to ‘borrow’ theirs in recent weeks. However, I really needed one formulated for adults. Most, however, are huge, horrible tasting (IMO) capsules. So, I recently joined a blogger program for Fiber Choice, where they have both Adult Chewable and Gummy Fiber Supplements for adults!


I’m going to work with them for the month and share my health journey. Do I like them? Enjoy the taste? Will I ‘feel’ better? All of that stuff. I’m excited to look back on this post one month from now and see if I feel different.

fiber choice fruity bites review

When I pulled Fiber Choice Fruity Bites container out of the box, I left it on the counter. Within a few minutes, my daughter took it and brought it to me and said “Open it”. I looked on the package and it is suitable for adults and kids so I gave her some. She wanted more. Guess that is a good sign.

Then I decided to taste it too. The texture is great, and tastes good too. If anything, it is a bit on the sweet side, but no after taste, which is fabulous. Easy to pop in your month and chew on the go. I know that sounds harried, but it’s reality in our house (and in my life).

So the kids like it, I like it, and thus starts our 30 day Fiber Choice Journey! Stayed tuned for the next post: Fiber Choice Fruity Bites Review: The Middle! I’ll delve into the details about the product and the progress!

Join in on the fun too! Head to fiberchoice.com/consumerchallenge and pledge to make a healthy commitment in August! Get $2 off a Fiber Choice product too!

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