fiber choice fruity bites reviewAbout two weeks ago, I shared my sponsored connection this month with Fiber Choice. I agreed to test out their Fiber Choice Fruity Bites for 30 days and blog about my experience. So every other day, I’ve been coming to this blog post and adding little snippets of what has been going on. I’ll keep posting until the end of the month!


August 5: 8:31am – It is officially day one of my Fiber Choice Challenge. So I’ve taken two of the fruity bites to kick off my day. I’m chewing as I’m sitting here typing, and they’ve taken the edge off of being hungry for breakfast. Which is a good thing since I have to get the kids to camp…like, right now.

August 7: 9:36am – Too much in a hurry before bringing the kids to camp so posting now. As I took two fruity bites, I read the back of the package and realized I’m supposed to have up to 6 of these a day. Not just two. {Whoops.} For those of us that live off of on-the-go-meal-bars {ahem}, you might want to take the whole Fiber Choice daily dose, which would give you 9 grams of daily soluble fiber to build off of. You’d be a 1/3 of the way to the recommended 25 grams daily.

August 9th: 2:11pm – I decided to take all six at once. Not sure if that is such a good idea, but it served as a mid-day snack. Too tasty though as I had to remember to not eat the whole bottle. While the fiber in these fruity bites are the same as in fruits and veggies (a prebiotic called inulin that also helps calcium absorption [hello there fellow Mamas] and good digestion), it’s best to space them out and eat with each meal to give your body a consistent flow of fiber.

August 11th: 10:14am – Feeling gassy today. I know – probably TMI. Not sure if it was because I had six at once yesterday or because of the broccoli I ate last night. It is definitely the former (though the latter probably didn’t help.) If you get that way, just know that it takes awhile for your body to adjust. Drink lots of water with it to help the absorption. {Plus, drinking water is just a cool thing to do anyway.} If the gas or bloating really bothers you, cut back on the recommended dose and increase once you settle in.

August 13th: 11:02am – I didn’t have any Fiber Choice Fruity Bites since Sunday. I’m sick with a summer cold. So I haven’t eaten much of anything actually. Getting back on track tomorrow. Hubby in California. Kids not in camp. {Send help.}

August 15th: 10:04pm – Almost hit the mid-month mark of my Fiber Choice challenge. Not really feeling any different truth be told, but need to give it a couple more weeks. Started giving the kids one each night. My kids are interested in what I am doing, and as picky-eaters, probably a good addition to their diet. Fiber Choice fruity bites are approved for kids 6+, and the Fiber Choice Chewable Tablet would be another kid-friendly solution.

August 17th: 4:43pm – Headed out for a few days stay at my parents house. Getting used to having the Fruity Bites everyday, so I actually remembered to pack them. I did forget my toothbrush, which is another matter entirely.

August 19th: 1:16pm – Started reading some materials about the Fiber Choice Fruity Bites ingredients and about fiber in a diet generally. Interesting stuff. Will post about it when I get back home tomorrow. Told my parents about the Fruity Bites and they tried it. They liked it too. Also agreed they should have a supplement like this in their diet. They probably will try the Fiber Choice Plus antioxidants, though my Mom wants to try the Fiber Choice Weight Management (she’s definitely over the recommended age of 18 – LOL) that helps curve cravings. {Mom, you look great, but you can always try the Fiber Choice Plus Calcium, which gives you 50% of your recommended amount of daily calcium….hmmm, maybe I should have tried that.)

August 20th: 12:03pm: Was reading that the Fiber Choice supplements are not kosher or vegan, but they are gluten free. Also no artificial coloring in the Fruity Bites I have. {Super yay!} Loving how I’m helping my body, but also not adding yucky stuff in the process.

So going to sign off on my journal for now. Check out my Final Post here. And check out the Fiber Choice consumer challenge hosted on Each week in September, five winners will be selected at random to win high-value coupons. At the end of the month, one participant will win a $500 prepaid gift card! Fun!

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  1. I am not a lover of supplements of any kind but there are plenty of options these days. I love all the forms that they come in.

  2. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    I can’t wait to hear about the next two weeks 🙂

  3. Good to know they don’t contain artificial coloring! Do they have added sugar? Just curious. Good luck with your challenge.

  4. I am taking this challenge, too. I had to laugh – I find them really tasty, too! I could seriously see myself eating the whole bottle in one sitting if I were really hungry. Lol.

  5. I am seriously thinking of picking up a bottle of these to try out.

  6. A journal is a great way to track this experience – I’m curious how you’ll feel at the end of your 30 day challenge – good luck!

  7. It’s great to know that Fiber Choice Fruity Bites don’t have any artificial colors but how are they flavored and what do they taste like? I’d be curious to know and appreciate your honest review of your experience!

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