I have to admit, I was always in awe of anyone who was so cool and connected to have high tech glasses. You know the ones where you can read email while staring through a lens? (Ironic that I spent most of my teens and 20 something years hating my glasses and now I wanted these cool ones? )

I’m neither cool or connected (I’m a Mom blogger for goodness sake), and let’s just say that these huge tech giants aren’t often run by Moms. But women and Moms are a resourceful bunch and that’s why I’m now intrigued (seriously intrigued) by “Faux Glass”.

faux tech glassesThe Faux Glasses were created by longtime journalist and tech expert Robin Raskin, who I had the honor of working with during Blogger Bash last summer. She made them as a reminder that tech shouldn’t take itself too seriously. Faux means fake, and these fake toy glasses are meant to serve as the ultimate meme to an industry enamored of their own ideas.

The glasses’ eight LED indicator lights can turn on one at a time or cycle through a psychedelia of color. (If anything, you’ll amuse the kids if not have people stare at you in the grocery checkout line.) Each light sequence corresponds to a “crack me up” command, like: Where the Faux (the product’s built in GPS to nowhere), Faux-to Shop (for fixing photos never taken), and What the Faux (for general searching). Who knows. Maybe they will think you’re cool and they’ll open up lane 2 for you at Target.

The glasses will be available for sale on the Faux Glass website in December. At that time, the Wall of Faux will become a contest. If your Faux selfie is chosen by popular vote, you’ll be able to join them at the International CES in Las Vegas and participate in a FashionWare Runway event hosted by Robin Raskin’s conferences and events company, Living in Digital Times.

In the mean time, you can help them raise the money to go faux and score the first round of fabulous fauxness. Head here to get the deets.

As Robin likes to say, “They’re not fake anything; they’re real Faux.”

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