The recent chatter about the Mom 2.0 fashion scene really doesn’t apply to me this conference go-around.

Why? Because I’m 32 weeks pregnant.

At this point, my main goal is not fashion.

For anyone who’s been pregnant, you know wardrobe options are limited even on a good day at home. Add a beach-front White Party and exclusive Verace Mansion access and you may have the urge to go into labor.

Yet, if you’re willing to stand in a maternity bathing suit while a skinny 20-something spray tans you in a booth, here are some fabulous white dress options from Destination Maternity.

Motherhood Maternity Sleevless Maternity Dress $60

Motherhood Maternity Sleeveless Maternity Dress ($60)

Pea in the Pod White Maxi Dress

Pea in the Pod White Maxi Dress ($130)

Personally, if I put on a white maternity dress (not including my pasty post-winter skin), I’d look like I was walking down the aisle in a shot-gun wedding. So I’ll leave the white wonder to my fellow conference attendees.

I may be able to redeem myself at the Versace Party. Yet, since Versace doesn’t have a maternity line, I’ll have to find a suitable mainstream option without offending the fashion elite.

I personally love this maxi dress from Old Navy. It looks expensive but is only $40.


Add some chunky jewelry and cute shoes, and I may just make it past security.

At the conference itself, I’ll probably be wearing a white maternity blouse and black pants. Which, of course, will mean everyone will see the black full-panel-how-I-keep-my-maternity-pants-up fabric underneath the white (I hope it’s not stained) maternity blouse.

At this point in my pregnancy, I’m not buying anything else. And I don’t care. I’m just trying to keep up with my blog posts, my toddler and not fall flat on my face. (And maybe figure out how to squeeze myself into the airplane seat.)

Though I will spend most of the conference trying not to look like a pregnant cow.

My outfit:

Cowl Neck Maternity_Destination Maternity


black and white cow


Image Credit: Destination Maternity and Old Navy.

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  1. I’m 22 weeks so we can drink mocks together and laugh at the drunks girls.

    Problem I have with maternity wear is my arms swell like boobs so I can’t do sleeveless. Not easy…

  2. We should definitely team up at the parties!

  3. Love this post. Old Navy and Target were my go-to maternity clothes saviors. While Pea in a Pod is awesome, I find them overpriced given other options with same quality/design. I was so happy to see Liz Lange at Mom 2.0 – she’s all I wore for 37.5 weeks. Wait, I lie, I still wear some maternity finds and I’m not even pregnant anymore!

    You looked gorgeous throughout the conference! Congratulations on your new baby and wishing you safe travels home! <3 -JennyLee

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