Or, as I like to call it, a ‘Momffice’.

Let’s talk business.

Of course, if you have a home office, you need the essentials, like a good desk, chair, filing system, phone, internet, computer, etc. The basics! Then you will also want to stock up on good supplies, like pens, pencils, paper, and paper clips, as if you were starting the first day of school.

However, what I want to focus on are the ‘extras’. These aren’t high-tech extras though. While the high-tech stuff is always wicked cool for a home office (usb power hub anyone?), if you have a Mom office, there is more to it. Whether you’re just managing the household or if you have a part-time/full-time work-at-home job, there are few extras you’ll need to be efficient and professional.

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These extras will help juggle things a bit more as you switch from employee (or boss) to Mom (or Mom boss!)

A Multi-Purpose Printer.

Find a printer that can print, scan and fax. Not only that, get one that can also print photos! Final necessity is that it should be Wifi ready so you can print important emails or documents from your laptop anywhere in the house. Or even print from your phone. One of my favorites is HP Envy 7640.

Get a picture from your child’s ballet teacher? A list of books for a read-a-thon from a teacher? Print photos and documents from your smartphone, tablet or computer in three easy steps. There is also a document feeder for when you need to copy a field trip packet, and a scanner to email function to email back authorization forms or contracts. Bonus is that you can even sign up for the HP Instant Ink replacement service. Not only will you save money, but you’ll save time: HP Ink is ordered by your printer when it detects that it is low, and is delivered to your door. No more running out of ink or running out to replace it. Add in the fax function and its is a Mom-office dream come true.

Amazon Echo.

Part assistant, part bestie. The Amazon Echo can keep you company as you work. Whether it is a play list or an audio-book, the Amazon Echo can entertain you! Plus, while you are writing up proposal for a tropical vacation resort, and realize you need sunscreen for the kids’ camp week, just ask the Echo to add it to a shopping list or order it. Mom-tasking at its finest!

home office amazon echo

Mailing Scale.

While it may not get used often, it is often a necessity. Rather than wait in line at the post office, weigh the package you’re shipping and enter the weight and dimensions on your USPS or FedEx online account. Then pack it up, print out a pre-paid label, schedule a pickup and send! Saves lots of time, and makes you that much more efficient. While you are at it, register for a USPS, Fedex and/or UPS account for easy management and even get notification of package arrival times!

home office mailing scale


Shredders are a legal necessity nowadays. With security issues prevalent, you need a shredder. Look for ones that can shred plastic, like credit cards, shop cards, etc. Also find one that can handle stapled paper and more than a couple sheets at a time. You want to shred, not spend lots of time doing it!

Phone Tripod Stand.

If you are not an Instagram star, but just an incredible Mom, this is a great addition. Facetiming with grandma? Taking a conference call? Watching your favorite show via an app? Taking pictures of the kids? This can give you the extra hands, height and stability you need to rock the camera!

Digital Board

Whether it is a sticky note reminding you to call someone, a notepad with the shopping list, or a scrap of paper with an email address, they are all easy to lose, get stuck on the back of a file, and get your house messy! Instead, consider a digital board where you can jot down ideas, to-dos and must accomplish tasks. Find one that has an app for on-the-go syncing! Prop it up on your desk, hang it on the wall or have it nearby for more organized thought processes!

Working from home or being a CMO (Chief Mom Officer) is never easy. Yet, having a few of these items at your fingertips may ease you into TGIF every week! Have any must-haves to share? Do tell in the comments below!

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