ESCADA has just launched its USA online store! While ESCADA entered the online luxury sales market last year in Europe, this is the first time it is doing so in the United States. Like its clothes, ESCADA’s e-store doesn’t skimp on quality.

escada  e-store usa

The E-Store will offer a wide range of ESCADA lifestyle products, including apparel and accessories from the ESCADA and ESCADA SPORT brands. The navigation is easy and intuitive; the elegant design with large-scale images reflects the ESCADA brand identity. All social media channels are integrated into the new online store so consumers can feel connect to the brand. The site, which is optimized for mobile applications, ensures an ideal display on all devices.

If you still love the elegance of shopping ESCADA in retail stores, the sales staff will carry iPads to directly assist clients in placing orders in the E-Store for items that might not be available in the store.

To ensure that your money is going to the product, the ESCADA online store provides a variety of different shipping options via Fedex, including free standard ground shipping. Furthermore, the ESCADA E-Store offers its clients an easy and cost-free returns handling including a 14-day return policy.


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