Edaville Railroad is undergoing a major renovation! One of the new items they are bringing are “themed” weekends. Last weekend, we went for Pirates Day at Edaville. We brought the kids’ Pirate gear, but, in typical kid fashion, when we got there, they didn’t want to wear it. However, my daughter did want to wear her Princess costume. Granted, Edaville’s Princess weekend is this upcoming weekend, but try telling that to a 2 year old. (At least it was a “P” themed!)

edaville pirates weekend

It is amazing the difference that Edaville is undergoing, and is going to undergo, in the months ahead.

Some cool things to check out now? Head to the “Red Building”. You know the one I mean if you have been to Edaville before. Upstairs, they have a huge party space, the nursing space, a ball pit, and cool rides for the younger set. It is a great place for little ones, as it is out of the sun and there are little train sets to play with too.

Downstairs there are more train sets, but there are also bumper cars! The other new attraction is, of course, Dinoland, which I mentioned before in another post. There is also the classic kids area, with rides for kids over 42 inches and rides for kids under 42 inches.

This one, by far, was my kid’s favorite.

One new thing is that Edaville has a lot of themed weekends. When we went last weekend, it was “Pirates Weekend” (as I mentioned above.) There were Pirates Costume Parades, an Edaville staff member walking the plank in the lake, and pirates abound! It was a fun element, and we are looking forward to the other weekends.

pirates weekend at edaville

All in all, the best part of Edaville? The smiles and the fun!

{And us parents ‘monkeying’ around too.}

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