I was so excited to get a complimentary Hersheys Easter Basket, filled with chocolatey goodness, again this year to share on my blog. If you celebrate Easter, who doesn’t love to get Easter Baskets? It is like getting a surprise delivery of fruit or flowers for your birthday.

Yet, when I opened the box containing the basket of Hersheys Kisses, York Peppermint Patties and Reeses Peanut Butter cups, I knew that I wouldn’t be tasting the chocolate this year. I immediately packed it in the car, along with my two kids and drove 90 minutes to a long term care/rehabilitation facility where my grandmother was dying. Though I had spent the weekend visiting her bedside, the basket prompted my sudden visit again despite the fact that I knew she was in a coma and could not hear me.

My plan was to deliver it to the nurses who had been taking such great care of my grandmother. She had been there for rehab for about a month when her kidneys suddenly failed. After a lot of thought, she chose not to under go dialysis and knew that she, as a result, would only have a few days to live. The nurses were so wonderful to us. Whether it was finding Cheese-Its for my son, sandwiches for the long days, or a cup of coffee and a Kleenex, they made her comfortable and provided comfort to us.

On that day, as I walked into the room with the two kids in tow and the basket in hand, my grandmother was awake. It was completely unexpected and my mother was in tears. She knew that it was an amazing moment that we didn’t expect, nor thought we would get. For about an hour, we spoke with her, though she could not speak. We held her hand, though she could not hold ours. She was able to hear us though and could give a kiss though she did not have the strength for a hug. Her mouth formed a smile when she saw my son. Her face lit up when she saw her first great granddaughter. Soon she was asleep again, and while I didn’t know it at the time, it was the last time I saw her. She passed away the next day before I could see her again.

Easter Basket_#HSYEaster

If it wasn’t for the basket, I probably wouldn’t have made the trip that day, and wouldn’t have had that amazing moment with her. It is a great reminder this Easter to think about who you could say thanks to. Is it a teacher or a nanny, a nurse or doctor, a neighbor or a friend? While we often think of the Easter Bunny hoping down the bunny trail delivering baskets to girls and boys, perhaps it is also a great time to have the Easter Bunny hop down the grateful trail and to count the kisses we have been given and have given in return. Hersheys chocolate hugs and chocolate kisses may be the perfect way to say thanks and I love you.

Who would you say thanks to?

Disclosure: Images are my own. All rights reserved. I received a complimentary Easter Basket from Hersheys. However, all thoughts, opinions and content is my own.


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